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Period Pain Has Met Its Match!

"Legit the only thing that got me through the past week of pure period hell was this devise.-Aiyla A., Hana Customer

  • fast-acting heating pad technology

  • No more pills, no more side effects

  • Turn it on, and enjoy the immediate menstrual pain relief

  • scientifically proven TENS Pulse Therapy.


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Our System uses a decade old scientifically proven method known as TENS Pulse Therapy to effectively block pain signals from reaching the spinal cord and brain. Simultaneously, it also stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killers! 


The system offers a natural and drug free option to women experiencing menstrual pain on a regular basis. We get it sisters, instead of pumping your body full of pills, it uses science to help you feel the relief you truly deserve! No more unbearable pain and zero side effects!


The world's first period pain relief wearable device to incorporate a fast-acting heating pad technology! When activated, it heats up to an optimal temperature of 108°F (42°C) in less than 5 seconds! Think that's impressive? We also offer 5 types & 20 levels of pulse therapy for that instant relief!


If you love the convenience of Airpods then you'll love our 100% wireless & cordless design too! Now you never have to worry about tangled cords or external gel pads accidentally ripping off and interrupting that sweet relief. With 1 charge, Monthli offers up to 20 hours of pain relief, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

How It Works

Step 1: Apply Device

Place device on the area which you're experiencing pain. Our wireless & discreet design makes it easy and quick to apply for immediate, long-lasting relief.

Step 2: Turn it on

Activate device with the simple push of a button! Easily adjust to your desired level of pulse therapy and try out our rapid heating pad feature while you're at it!  

 Step 3: Feel Relief

Device effectively blocks pain signals from reaching the brain so you can carry on living your best life, pain free...period.

Frequently asked Questions

What does it feel like?

Our customers have described it as feeling like a gentle pulsing or vibrating massage! When used in combination with the hot pack function, Monthli feels like a warm cloud floating above your skin, sounds nice doesn’t it?  

Can I Still Be Active While Wearing the device?  

Definitely! Trust me, we know periods suck, but we encourage our users to stay active and wear our device whether you’re at home, at work, commuting, out for a walk! Full disclosure, we don’t recommend using it while performing high intensity cardio exercise or in hot environments such as a hot yoga studio as the accumulation of sweat will impact the conductivity of the gel pads and performance of the device. 

How Often Do I Need To Order Replacement Gel Pads? 

Our high-grade gel pads can be used between 30-50 times! Depending on your level of usage, we advise our customers to replace their Gel Pads Monthly 😉. As a rule of thumb, the more care you put into keeping your gel pads clean and dust free, the longer they will last!  

What Is Far Infrared Graphene Heating Technology? 

This is the first pulse therapy menstrual pain relief device to offer Far Infrared Graphene Heating Technology - also known as Radiant Heating Technology. Radiant Heat is a completely safe invisible form of energy that only heats the surfaces of solid objects such as walls, ceilings, floors, and even people. This is achieved by a process called conversion, which means no energy is wasted by having to heat the surrounding air like traditional heating methods. Not only does this significantly aid in menstrual pain relief by allowing the user to feel its effect immediately, but it also promotes blood circulation and can improve muscle stiffness in the neck and lumbar region as well! 

Can I Wear My it In The Shower? 

No, we know you want to wear it everywhere you go but it’s best to keep it  out of the water as the device is not waterproof. 

How Long Does The Battery Last? 

When fully charged our battery lasts for 20 Hours when using the pulse therapy option, and 1 hour when using the fast-acting hot pack option! To prevent muscle fatigue, skin tingling and redness we recommend using it for no more than 30 minutes at a time.   

Why is it better than other Pain Relief products?

  • Immediate Period Pain Relief - Natural & Drug Free

  • Effectively Stimulates Nerves to Block Pain

  • Fast-Acting Graphene Heating Pad Technology

  • 100% Wireless, Portable, Discreet & Lightweight

  • Long Lasting Battery, 1 Charge = 20 Hours of Relief

  • Pay Once, Use for Years

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+ 2 Months Supply of Gell Pads


2-In-1 Instant Period Pain Relief

or 4 payments with

  • Hana Period Pain Relief Device

  • 2 Month Supply of Gel Pads

  • 12 Months Device Warranty

  • Free Shipping

+ 6 Months Supply of Gell Pads




2-In-1 Instant Period Pain Relief

or 4 payments with

  • Hana Period Pain Relief Device

  • 6 Month Supply of Gel Pads

  • 12 Months Device Warranty

  • Free Shipping